Puris-Fine Series

Puris-Fine series filter cartridges are 100% made of high purity polypropylene resin which is ideal for general particle reduction applications.

The cartridges are manufactured by high-tech melt-blowing machines result in a consistent quality and graded pore structure.

RoHS, NSF42, NSF61, FDA, Halal Certificated

Superior-Fine Series

Superior-Fine series filter cartridges deliver high dirt holding capacity and consistent performance.

Superior-Fine series filter cartridges are made of high purity polypropylene materials which allow optimization of the filtration media for long service life and high efficiency.

RoHS, NSF42, NSF61, FDA, Halal Certificated

Carbon-Clean-B Series

Carbon-Clean-B series filter is a cost-effective alternative to Granular Activated carbon cartridge, it is excellent at absorbing unwanted taste, odor and color.

CB-B also utilizes high porosity design of carbon to provide premature plugging, and its polypropylene inner and outer layer filtration media can provide pre-filtration and post- treatment.

Pleated-Flow C Series

Each PLTC series filter cartridge is produced with a continuous rigid center core which enhances structural strength of cartridge.

The cartridges are all polypropylene construction which provides wide chemical compatibility.

PLTC series filters utilize proprietary filter media with fixed pore construction to deliver highly consistent performance and resist dirt unloading at maximum differential pressure.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated


Each POLY-ADCT series cartridge has a polypropylene center core which enhances mechanical strength to the cartridge, which provides high dirt holding capacity and filtration efficiency.

This series is commonly used in food and beverage industry.

RoHS, NSF42, NSF61, FDA, Halal Certificated

Carbon-Clean-WS Series

Carbon-Clean-WS series filter has carbon-impregnated cellulose media that can provide lower pressure drops than conventional carbon block filter technology.

Carbon-Clean-WS series filter's carbon technology can improve the quality of potable water by removing unwanted taste, odor and color.

NHF High Flow Series

NHF series filter cartridge's high surface area and large diameter provides higher flow rate, service life, dirt holding capacity and lower maintenance/ disposal cost.

Its center core can resist higher differential pressure, and its double o-rings provide better sealing effect.

In addition, it provides optional polypropylene and micro glass fiber media, which can be applied to wide chemical compatibility.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated

Carbon-Clean-RC Series

Carbon-Clean-RC series filter is excellent at polishing filter for process or closed loop streams.

Carbon-Clean-RC series filter's rigid polypropylene center core enhances the mechanical strength of filter cartridge, and its elastomeric end caps can improve cartridge's sealing performance by minimizing the chance of by-pass.

UPW-Flow Series

UPW-Flow series filter cartridges ultillize proprietary highly asymmetric polethersulfone membrane to deliver a combination of high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity.

Absolute rated at > 99.9% efficiency with retention.

Manufactured in a class 1,000 clean room.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated