Carbon-Clean-RC Series

Carbon-Clean-RC series filter is excellent at polishing filter for process or closed loop streams.

Carbon-Clean-RC series filter's rigid polypropylene center core enhances the mechanical strength of filter cartridge, and its elastomeric end caps can improve cartridge's sealing performance by minimizing the chance of by-pass.
Model : CB-RC

Materials of Construction

Filter Media: Powder activated carbon impregnated polyester

Outer Netting: Polyethylene

End Cap: Polypropylene

Inner/ Outer Wrap: None

Operating Conditions

Maximum Operating Temperature: 180°F (82°C)


1. The drinking water of unknown quality may require proper disinfection or pre-treatment in addition to carbon filtration.

2. Steps should be taken to prevent the filter cartridge from freezing. This may affect cartridge performance.


Outside Diameter: 2.56" (65mm)

Lengths: 10", 20"

Retention Ratings


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