Filter Bag


Bag-Flow M Series

Filtrafine Bag-Flow M series filter bags provide more precise retention ratings than felt filter bags.

This bag style is suitable for all standard filter bag housings.

Bag-Flow M series is washable, reusable and has wide chemical compatibility.

Besides, it is resistant to contaminant unloading.

Duo-Bag Series

The innovative Duo-Bag series offers a highly elegant design to substantially increase the capacity of the filter bag.

The unique design of Duo-Bag filter bags provide larger surface area than typical filter bags, which allows the fluid flowing between the inner and outer media cylinders.

Bag-Flow F Series

Filtrafine Bag-Flow F series filter bag has high contaminant holding capacity.

Its broad range of proprietary media provides excellent filtration performance and great consistency.

It also offers plastic and metal rings for wide temperature compatibility.

Silicone oil free finish prevents craters to provide a better surface results.