Filter Bag

Filtrafine manufactures a wide range of filter bags to meet the high requirements of the fluid filtration process. Filter bags are one of the most cost-effective choices for the filtration applications, and can be used for Food and Beverage, as well as  industrial chemical filtration. Our filter bags are available in different filter media, including nylon monofilament, needle felt polypropylene and needle felt polyester.

The Bag-flow M series filter bag is a sewn type filter bag made from nylon monofilament, with nominal retention ratings from 50 to 400 µm. M series filter bags are capable of handling high flow with low-pressure drop. The Bag-Flow F series filter bag comes with welded construction and nominal retention ratings between 1 and 200 µm. The welded seams completely prevent the possibility of unfiltered liquid bypass from occurring. Plastic and metal rings are available for selection as for wide temperature compatibility. F series filter bag are available in needle felt polypropylene and polyester materials that are compliant with FDA requirements, and are also suitable for food and beverage contact.


Oil Sorbent Filter Bag

- High contaminant holding capacity
- Helps to remove gel and oil from liquid
- Multiple-layer media provides great consistency
- Depth construction enhances filtration
- Made from Polypropylene with wide chemical compatibility

Bag-Flow M Series

Filtrafine Bag-Flow M series filter bags provide more precise retention ratings than felt filter bags.

This bag style is suitable for all standard filter bag housings.

Bag-Flow M series is washable, reusable and has wide chemical compatibility.

Besides, it is resistant to contaminant unloading.

Bag-Flow F Series

Filtrafine Bag-Flow F series filter bag has high contaminant holding capacity.

Its broad range of proprietary media provides excellent filtration performance and great consistency.

It also offers plastic and metal rings for wide temperature compatibility.

Silicone oil free finish prevents craters to provide a better surface results.

Absolute Bag-Flow Series

Absolute Bag-Flow series filter bag has high contaminant holding capacity especially when removing gels and oil from liquid
Its broad range of multilayer media provides excellent filtration efficiency and great consistency.
Its depth construction enhances filtration of fluids with broad particle distributions and particles with irregular shapes.