Carbon-Clean-B Series

Carbon-Clean-B series filter cartridge
Activated carbon in rigid structure provides better strength and longer usage

・ Type: Activated Carbon Filter
・ Media: Bonded porous activated carbon with polypropylene binders
・ Length: 10”~40”
・ Retention Rate: 5 μm
・ Double Open End
・ RoHS, NSF42, NSF61, FDA, Halal Certificated
Model : CB-B

Materials of Construction
Filter Media: Bonded porous activated carbon with polyethylene binders
Outer Netting: polyethylene
End Cap: Polypropylene
Inner/ Outer Wrap: Polypropylene

Operating Conditions
Maximum Operating Temperature: 40°F-140°F (5°C-60°C)


  1. The drinking water of unknown quality may require proper disinfection or pre-treatment in addition to carbon filtration.
  2. Steps should be taken to prevent the filter cartridge from freezing. This may affect cartridge performance.
  3. Carbon-Clean-B series contain a very small amount of carbon fines. After installation, please flush the cartridge for a minimum of 5 minutes to remove all trace of carbon prior to using them in the process. Use the tap water to flush the cartridge for at least 20 seconds prior using for drinking water or cooking purpose.


Outside Diameter: 2.56" (65mm)

Lengths: 10", 20", 30", 40"

Retention Ratings


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