Our broad range of membrane and depth media provides contamination control in liquids and gases and are suitable for point-of-use to bulk distribution. Micro Filtration in slurry mixing and distribution systems typically use multiple cartridge filters to remove particulates and assure proper performance of polishing tools. Our CMP Filters maintain slurry chemistry and control particle size with effective removal of contaminants.

  Electronics Chemicals

Assuring contaminant free chemicals in bulk and point-of-use locations is critical in the electronics process. Our selection of depth filters to high purity membranes optimize yields. Membrane filters prevent defects by removing particulate and agglomerates to the 0.02-micron level. 

  Flat Panel Displays

As the demand for high resolutions increases, so does the need for cost-effective contamination control, including filtration of process fluids. We offer a broad selection of filtration media for photoresists, etchants, strippers and the ultrapure water used to mix solutions and rinse the displays.

  Data Storage

With the larger and larger storage needs, the impurity and contamination control has become extremely critical. Any particles, impurities, metal ions and extractables may damage the final product. We provide filter solutions for CMP slurries, ultrapure water, substrate cleaning and preparation, media cleaning and chemicals used in plating and coating operations.


Our polypropylene depth solutions are suitable for plating and printed circuit boards. Activated carbon filters remove organic contaminants and chlorine from plating baths. Plating, etching and cleaning baths are often recirculated through filters to maintain purity.


Filtration of photoresists, developers, coatings and solvents provides high quality control by removing contaminants from large volumes of chemicals. Photovoltaic processes can be extremely sensitive to the presence of contaminants. The final filters optimize photolithography yields by removing particulates and preventing microbubble formation.