Oil & Gas

Filtrafine Solutions for Oil & Gas Production

The Oil & Gas Industry is the cornerstone of current industrial society. They are responsible for the production of key energy resource and its derivative petrochemical products are further developed into finished raw materials that many other industries are dependent on. Oil and Gas exploration and production activities are often conducted in tough and varied environments. Oil field operators have to keep production up, despite changing operating conditions and environmental demands. Downstream in the refineries and processing plants, plant operators have to increase plant availability, and reach economic scale.

Exploration & Production

Water Injection

Water injection is a key technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery operations, used to maintain reservoir pressure and hydrocarbon recovery. Depending on the nature and characteristics of the source water, water quality can have contaminants ranging from organics to suspended solids which would adversely affect recovery operations. Good particle control is required to reduce clogging of underground formations and ensure smooth and continuous production. Filtrafine offers the MHF (Multipleat High Flow) Series Filter Cartridge for absolute removal efficiency and an inside-out flow profile for complete trapping of contaminants. Together with the ASME certified MHH (Multiple Horizontal High Flow) Series Filter Housing, this product will go a long way to ensure that projects will be conducted on time and incident free.

Produced Water Treatment

Wastewater effluent from Oil and Gas activities typically contain contaminants such as dissolved, free or emulsified hydrocarbons, as well as suspended and dissolved solids. The composition of this wastewater stream is strictly regulated by national and international authorities. Usually, a wide variety of chemical treatment methods are used to complement physical separation of these contaminants from the wastewater stream. Filtrafine has developed the LHF (Large High Flow) Series Filter Cartridge in order to specifically address these issues, with a large diameter filter cartridge capable of accommodating the flow rates associated with this process. Together with the ASME certified LHV (Large High Flow Vertical) Series Filter Housing, this product will help ensure that wastewater streams will meet regulatory standards.

Amine sweetening / Glycol dehydration

Amine sweetening and Glycol dehydration processes are commonly found in refineries and gas processing plants. Typical issues in this process range from fouling of the process equipment due to an accumulation of corrosion by products, to foaming in the absorber column due to particulate matter promoting foam stability. Filtrafine's HIE Series Filter Cartridge allows for absolute removal ratings of these particles down to 1 micron, and its inside-out flow traps contaminants inside the cartridge eliminating downstream contamination during change-out.