Wound-Fine Series

WF series filter cartridge
- Graded pore structure provides efficient removal of a wide range of particle sizes
- Wrapped center core helps to minimize fiber migration

・ Type: String Wound Filter
・ Material: PP / Cotton / Glass Fiber
・ Length: 10”~70”
・ Retention Rate: 0.5~100 μm
・ End cap and extended core configuration available
・ RoHS, NSF42, NSF61, FDA, Halal Certificated

Puris-Fine Series

PRS series filter cartridge
With 3 layers graded pore structure for general particle reduction applications

・ Type: Melt Blown Depth Filter
・ Media: Polypropylene Resin
・ Length: 10”~50”
・ Retention Rate: 0.5~100 μm
・ End cap configuration available
・ RoHS, NSF42, NSF61, FDA, Halal Certificated

MicroGlass-Flow GP Series

MFGP series filter cartridges utilize glass fiber media with rigid P.P. center core and outer cage.

The fiber glass media ensures high purity filtration and the polypropylene hardware endures high temperature.

Besides, MFGP series filters have large surface area which provides high dirt holding capacity and long on-stream life.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated

Pleated-Flow C Series

Each PLTC series filter cartridge is produced with a continuous rigid center core which enhances structural strength of cartridge.

The cartridges are all polypropylene construction which provides wide chemical compatibility.

PLTC series filters utilize proprietary filter media with fixed pore construction to deliver highly consistent performance and resist dirt unloading at maximum differential pressure.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated

NHF High Flow Series

NHF series filter cartridge's high surface area and large diameter provides higher flow rate, service life, dirt holding capacity and lower maintenance/ disposal cost.

Its center core can resist higher differential pressure, and its double o-rings provide better sealing effect.

In addition, it provides optional polypropylene and micro glass fiber media, which can be applied to wide chemical compatibility.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated

LHF High Flow Series

LHF series filter cartridge's high surface area and large diameter provide higher flow rate, service life, dirt holding capacity and lower maintenance/ disposal cost.

It has center core to resist higher differential pressure, and has twist-to-lock mechanism to provide easy and quick change out.

In addition, LHF series high flow filters provide a wide chemical compatibility and can be applied to various industrial applications.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated

Oil Absorption Series

OAF series filter cartridge
Oil Absorption Filter Cartridge utilizes a special, non-swelling organoclay media to remove, disperse, emulsify and dissolve hydrocarbons from wastewater.

・ Type: Depth Filter Cartridge
・ Media: Granular non-swelling organoclay
・ Length: 10”~40”
・ Outside Diameter: 2.5” / 4.8”
・ End cap configuration available
・ Meet IMO MEPC107(49) regulations and US EPA discharge regulation

HIE Series

HIE series features advanced Filtrafine pleat technology which enables to maximum the surface area, increase the dirt holding capacity and provide extended service life.

HIE can be applied to wine or beer production as trap filters. HIE can trap released D.E. fines and reduce the amount of micro-organisms to make sure the cleanness of downstream piping and equipment.

It can also be applied to general water application in wine and brewery industries.

MHF High Flow Series

Multipleat High Flow series has high surface area, high flow rates, long service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Its inside-to-outside-flow configuration can capture all contaminants in this single open-ended filter.

Its polypropylene and fixed pore construction can not only apply to many process fluids ensuring wide chemical compatibility, but resist dirt unloading at high differential pressures.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated

Metal-Flow Series

The Filtrafine metal filter series is made of stainless steel filter media and available in 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and 316L stainless steel which are cleanable in a variety of applications. Our metal-flow series filter cartridges are able to tolerance maximum continuous operating temperature at 200°C. The construction of Metal-Flow series is all welded and robust. Besides, it is available with single open end configurations which provide greater sealing integrity.