Water Treatment

Water Treatment Solution - Filtrafine

Filtrafine designs and manufacturers a wide range of industrial water treatment filters plus industrial water filtration systems.

Having a variety of industrial water filtration systems options, products and filtration media to help solve your water issues will be your huge advantage. 

In fact, each of your manufacturing and water filtering processes usually will have different water quality specifications.

Filtrafine has the engineering experts and insight to review each of your applications. We'll suggest the most cost-effective industrial water filtration technology that will work best for you and your manufacturing processes.

From bag filters to cartridge filters, and everything in between, you'll almost always find the solution that you are looking for to solve your industrial water application issues.

   Reverse Osmosis  |     Seawater Desalination   |     Ultra-pure Water System  |  

   Process Cooling Water System   |      Waste Water Treatment System