IDV-DOE Series

Filtrafine IDV-DOE series is a single round metal cartridge with well developed construction design and high standard quality.

The IDV-DOE is available in electro-polished stainless steel 316 to meet a wide range of liquid filtration challenges.

EJ Series

Filtrafine EJ series single filter housing has superior chemical compatibility which could be widely used in various industrial applications.

EJ series offers standard 10'' length for double open end or Code 10 filter cartridge.

SDV Series

Filtrafine SDV series sanitary filter housing is an innovative product for food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and any high end industry with requires high purity in fluid.

MFB Series

Filtrafine MFB series is stainless steel Multi-bags filter housing.

It provides high-volume solutions for high flow applications.

The MFB series housing is available to accommodate 2 to 22 bags and Size 1 or Size 2 length filter bags to handle up to 880 m3/hr per housing.

Economical side-in and side-out connection and low profile design meet user various installation requirements.

NHV High Flow Series

Filtrafine NHV series filter housing can accommodate single or multiple NHF cartridges.

Its vertical design saves more accommodation space, and its swing eye-bolt closure design makes cartridge change-out quick, and durable.

It's design pressure 100 and 150 psig can permits a wide range of applications.