Activated Carbon Series


Carbon-Clean-B Series

Carbon-Clean-B series filter is a cost-effective alternative to Granular Activated carbon cartridge, it is excellent at absorbing unwanted taste, odor and color.

CB-B also utilizes high porosity design of carbon to provide premature plugging, and its polypropylene inner and outer layer filtration media can provide pre-filtration and post- treatment.

Carbon-Clean-WS Series

Carbon-Clean-WS series filter has carbon-impregnated cellulose media that can provide lower pressure drops than conventional carbon block filter technology.

Carbon-Clean-WS series filter's carbon technology can improve the quality of potable water by removing unwanted taste, odor and color.

Carbon-Clean-RC Series

Carbon-Clean-RC series filter is excellent at polishing filter for process or closed loop streams.

Carbon-Clean-RC series filter's rigid polypropylene center core enhances the mechanical strength of filter cartridge, and its elastomeric end caps can improve cartridge's sealing performance by minimizing the chance of by-pass.