Bright Sheland International Co., Ltd (BSI) was established in 1985 as a filter manufacturer which focuses on industrial filtration and separation systems. We are engaged in the research, development, and production of industrial filters. We are one of the leading companies in this sector. Our company has gained strong relationships with customers in leading markets by providing economical solutions that solve complex filtration and purification issues. Our company's products are widely used in many industrial sectors. These sectors include chemical processing, semiconductor industry, oil and gas filtration, water treatment, food & beverage industry, and the pharmaceutical industry. These customers have a high level of trust and reliance on our filtration solutions.

To meet increasingly sophisticated filtration demands from our customers, Bright Sheland launched its own brand, Filtrafine. For the past three decades, our company has systematically developed one of the broadest ranges of filter housing and filter cartridge product lines to become a total filtration solutions provider.

Through adhering to our motto, "Integrity, Service, Innovation, Happiness", over the last 30 years, BSI has grown from a single manufacturer to a large-scale enterprise, that can provide complete and systematic filtration and purification solutions. BSI has never stopped investing in proprietary manufacturing processes that enable us to produce high-quality products that deliver performance and economy of use. In the next decade, BSI will focus on vertical integration. At BSI, our innovation is ever growing. Our company has strong R&D capabilities, a large team of talented product development engineers, and a state-of-the-art laboratory. We possess the necessary complex analytical equipment to customize and test our filtration media, to meet the sophisticated, and diverse applications our customers require.

Business Items

Bright Sheland International Co., Ltd (BSI) mainly focus on five product systems, they are:

1). Industrial Liquid Filtration Products and Systems

2). Compressed Air Filtration Products and Systems

3). UV Disinfection Unit Products and Systems

4). PPSF, and Melt blown Non-Woven Material

5). Oil Absorbent Pads, and Rolls

In order to be a global total filtration solutions provider, BSI provides R&D, design, manufacture, sales & marketing, technical support, and after-sales services to worldwide customers.

Operation Management

To preserve the quality and integration of our products, we employ four factors in the company's operation management.

1). Corporate Governance

To strengthen the management functions, the Board of Directors established an "Audit Committee". In accordance with the law, it is a group of independent directors that supervise all of the subsidies of the company in order to achieve proper risk management and internal oversight. The "Salary Compensation Committee" is comprised of all the independent directors, who are responsible for regularly reviewing the directors, supervisors and managers performance evaluation policy and set up salary remuneration systems, standards and structure. 

2). Corporate Strategy

  • Research & Development: To integrate upstream and downstream supply chains, to assist in setting up, and providing a full product range to provide complete and professional technical support and product services to worldwide customers.
  • Market Expansion: Developing new applications and innovative products; to explore new business opportunities in different countries.
  • Integrate Supply: Build up a complete supply chain system which enhances our quality systems and also shortens our delivery time, thus creating efficient control costs and providing stability to the suppliers.
  • Reorganization: To integrate, reorganize, innovate, and reengineer our Groups operational requirements to enhance the contribution of employees.
  • Manufacturing Performance: Set up a manufacturing process and performance evaluation system, make sure the employees train using the system and take, professional skill assessments in order to improve the efficiency.

3). Research & Development Management

BSI is investing various capital into a new R&D department related to filtration media. We not only invest into our machinery and equipment, but also largely in our talented R&D engineers. With this huge investment, BSI could provide new, and innovative material sources, so our company can fulfill filtration product needs around the world.

4). Production & Financial Performance

BSI deploys a World Class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Software in order to have on-time, accurate, and effective controls on the product quality and delivery schedule.