Wound-Fine Series

WF series filter cartridge
- Graded pore structure provides efficient removal of a wide range of particle sizes
- Wrapped center core helps to minimize fiber migration

・ Type: String Wound Filter
・ Material: PP / Cotton / Glass Fiber
・ Length: 10”~70”
・ Retention Rate: 0.5~100 μm
・ End cap and extended core configuration available
・ RoHS, NSF42, NSF61, FDA, Halal Certificated

UPW-Flow Series

UPW-Flow series filter cartridges utilize proprietary highly asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane to deliver a combination of high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity.

Absolute rated at > 99.9% efficiency with retention.

Manufactured in a class 1,000 clean room.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated

SDV Series

Filtrafine SDV series sanitary filter housing is an innovative product for food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and any high end industry with requires high purity in fluid.

MicroGlass-Flow GP Series

MFGP series filter cartridges utilize glass fiber media with rigid P.P. center core and outer cage.

The fiber glass media ensures high purity filtration and the polypropylene hardware endures high temperature.

Besides, MFGP series filters have large surface area which provides high dirt holding capacity and long on-stream life.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated

Pleated-Flow C Series

Each PLTC series filter cartridge is produced with a continuous rigid center core which enhances structural strength of cartridge.

The cartridges are all polypropylene construction which provides wide chemical compatibility.

PLTC series filters utilize proprietary filter media with fixed pore construction to deliver highly consistent performance and resist dirt unloading at maximum differential pressure.

RoHS, FDA, Halal Certificated