GSD-S series

Stainless Steel Filter Cartridge for Sterile Air

~ Wrapped Depth Filter Cartridge
~ Designed for sterile filtration of compressed air and process air
~ Applications for technical gases and vent
~ Retention Rate: ≥99.9998% at 0.01 μm
~ Low pressure drop and High dirt holding capacity
~ Long filter life & reduced cost
~ Made of S306 sintered stainless steel
~ Available for various applications
Model : GSD-S

GSD-S Series Filter Cartridge

Filtrafine GSD-S Sterile Air Series is wrapped depth filter cartridge, which is used for sterile filtration of compressed air, process air, technical gasses and vent application. The retention rate is ≥99.9998% related to 0.01 μm ensuring safe and sterile filtration of process gases.

The GSD-S Series provides low pressure drop, high dirt-holding capacity, great strength. And long service life to dramatically reduce your operating cost.

Materials of Construction

  • Filter Media: Borosilicate glass fiber
  • Upstream & Downstream Support: PTFE
  • Inner & Outer Guard: 304 Stainless Steel
  • End caps: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Potting Compound: Silicone
  • O-rings: Silicone (standard)
  • Optional: Buna N, EPDM, PTFE, PTFE over Viton®*
  • RoHS, FDA, Hala certificated

* Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont Performance Elastomers L.L.C.

Product Specification

  • Temperature Range : -4°F to 392°F
  • Effective Filtration Area (nominal): 0.5 ft2 per 10 inch element
  • Absolute Retention Rate : ≥99.99998% at 0.01 μm
  • Bacterial/Viral Retention:        Scientifically validated by an independent institute
Brevundimonas diminutas aerosol challenge (≥ 0.2 μm)LRV>7/cm2
MS2 Coliphagae aerosol challenge (≥0.02μm)LRV>9/cm2
  • Integrity Test Values: DOP Test according to HIMA>99.99998%
  • Configurations : UF Push-in connection and flat end cap
  • Maximum Differential Pressure: 75 psid (-4°F to 302°F)
  • Typical Continuous Air Service Life: 12 months recommended changeout cycle
  • Typical Vent Service Life: 6 months recommended changeout cycle
  • Cumulative Steam Time: 250°F, Saturated Steam ≥ 100 cycles (30 minutes)

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