Cartridge & Housing

    FasClean-Flow Series Filter Cartridges

FasClean-Flow series filter cartridge have extra high surface area for high flow filtration.

It is commonly a superior choice for generation 7 & 8 TFT-LCD glass cleaning and high-end wet processing applicaitons.

The high purity polypropylene hardware construction of FasClean-Flow series can be apply to many process fluids to ensure wide chemical compatibility.

The compact cartridge design of FasClean-Flow series permits long on-stream life to reduce equipment down-time and maintenance costs.

Besides, it is compatible with Filtrafine CSV and TFT-334 series filter housing.

Manufactured in a class 1,000 clean room.

Materials of Construction

Filter Media: E: Depth Melt Blown Polypropylene

P: High Flow Melt Blown Polypropylene

S: Highly Asymmetric PES Membrane

T: Expanded Polytetrafluoro-ethylene (ePTFE) Membrane

Hardware: High Purity Polypropylene

Sealing: Thermal Bond

Support Material: Polypropylene

Gaskets/ O-rings: EPDM, Viton, Telfon Encapsulated Viton


Outside Diameter: 5.16'' (131mm)

Lengths: 10''

Retention Ratings

E: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 µm Absolute

P: 0.8, 3, 4.5, 10, 30 µm

S: 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.8, 1.2, 5 µm Absolute

P: 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 1, 3 µm Absolute

Operating Conditions

Maximum Operating Temperature: 168°F (75°C)

Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure: 35 psid (2.4 bar)




Flow rate is per 10" cartridge. For liquids other than water, multiply the pressure drop by the fluid viscosity in centipoises.