Cartridge & Housing

   UPW-Flow Series Filter Cartridges

UPW-Flow series filter cartridges ultillize proprietary highly asymmetric polethersulfone membrane

to deliver a combination of high flow rate and high dirt holding capacity.

The polypropylene hardware contruction of UPW filter can be inert to many process fluids to ensure wide chemical compatibility.

Plus, there are various materials of gaskets/ orings available to be compatibility with numerous kinds of fluids.

Absolute rated at > 99.9% efficiency with retention.

Manufactured in a class 1,000 clean room.

Materials of Construction

Filter Media: Highly Asymmetric Polyethersulfone Membrane

Hardware: Polypropylene

Sealing: Thermal Bond

Support Material: Polypropylene

Gaskets/ O-rings: Silicone, Buna-N, EPDM, Viton, Telfon Encapsulated Viton


Outside Diameter: 2.67'' (68mm)

Lengths: 10'', 20'', 30'', 40''

Retention Ratings

0.04, 0.1, 0.2, 0.45, 0.65, 0.8, 1.2 µm Absolute

Operating Conditions

Maximum Differential Pressure: 75 psid (5.1 bar) @ 68°F (20°C)

                                                      40 psid (2.8 bar) @ 150°F (65°C)

Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure: 35psid (2.4 bar)


FDA Listed Materials

Manufactured from materials which are FDA listed for food contact applications in title 21 of the U.S. code of federal regulations.

Sanitizing Agents

Cartridge may be sanitized in place with common oxidizing agents. Consult factory for compatibility information.

Flow rate is per 10" cartridge. For liquids other than water, multiply the pressure drop by the fluid viscosity in centipoises.