Cartridge & Housing

 Electron-Fine A Series Filter Cartridges

Electron-Fine A series filter cartridges ultilize continuous fiber matrix to prevent media migration and ensure consistent filtration performance.

ECOA filter elements are done with well surface treatment to eliminate any possibilities of fiber release.

They are made with proprietary center core to enhance mechenical strength of cartridge.

In addition, ECOA cartridges are thermal bonded with foam PE gaskets for greater sealing, so they are free of surfactants, binders and adhesives to interfere with product quality or cause foaming.

All materials meet FDA requirements for food and beverage contact.

Absolute rated at > 99.9% efficiency with retention.

Manufactured under a certified ISO 9001 quality system.

Flushed with 18 megohm-cm DI water (optional).

Materials of Construction

Filter Media: Depth Spun Polypropylene

End Caps(DOE): Foam Polypropylene

End Caps(SOE): Polypropylene

Extended Core: Polypropylene

Gaskets/O-Rings: Silicone, Buna-N, EPDM, Viton


Outside Diameter: 2.5" (63mm)

Inside Diameter: 1.1" (28mm)

Lengths: 10", 20", 30", 40", 50"

Retention Ratings

1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, µm Absolute

Operating Conditions

Maximum Differential Pressure: 50 psid (3.45 bar) @ ambient

                                                   25 psid (1.72 bar) @ 140°F (60°C)

Maximum Differential Temperature: 180°F (82°C)

Recommended Change Out Differential Pressure: 35psid (2.4 bar)



FDA Listed Materials

Manufactured from materials which are FDA listed for food contact applications in title 21 of the U.S. code of federal regulations.


All Electron-Fine A filter cartridges are free of surfactants, anti-static agents, binders and adhesives.


All cartridge components meet USP-XXIII,Class V criteria.

Flow rate is per 10" cartridge. For liquids other than water, multiply the pressure drop by the fluid viscosity in centipoises.